Frequently asked questions

How do we start?

Normally we do a face time call just to get to know each other a bit. Then I send you a base text that we use as a start when we do your ceremony. It includes all the different parts.

How to book me?

When we have agreed your date I send an invoice of a 20% booking fee. Then the rest is paid your wedding week.

When do we start on your ceremony?

I suggest that we start working on the ceremony 3 months before your wedding date. Then you most probably have organized all other practical details and can start on the emotional part, your ceremony.

Is a Celebrant Led Wedding ceremony on Mallorca legally binding?

No, you have to marry in your home country as well or separately do the legal signing of the register. This is usually done prior or after the wedding ceremony and won’t affect your Celebrant Ceremony at all. Your guests will not need to know that you married legally at another date. Your official emotional day will be the day here on Mallorca.
However, there are exceptions on how to get married legally on sight here on the island. If one of you or both are Catholic you can book a church and engage a priest. It requires some paper work so start in time.
Or if there is an embassy of your country in the place you want to marry or maybe your country has a church in Spain? For example Norway and Sweden.

Is there a difference between a Humanist and a Celebrant?

Humanists and Celebrants both offer a personalized Ceremony in any location. Celebrants work independently giving the freedom to include whatever the couple would like in their Ceremony.

Humanism believes that life is based on humanity and reason and that moral values are properly founded on human nature and experience.

The main difference between Celebrants and Humanists Celebrants, is that Humanists do not believe in religion, supernaturalism, pseudoscience and superstition. They offer secular ceremonies only. They do not include any religious aspects in their ceremonies, however you may have religious content through readings from members of your party.

Who am I?

I would be a mix of them both but more celebrant. I am protestant of birth. Not actively practicing any religion. However, there is a spiritual side of me as a person.